Reunion Attending List!

10 Year Reunion Group Photo

Who’s coming to the reunion so far?

Be sure to buy your tickets today! For more information about the events happening Sept 28-29, 2018, click here!

Kelly (Akers) Loscalzo
Joseph Armesto
Dave Ayers
Brad Barnett
Scott Beck
James Blythe
Holly Brackett van Houten
Mike Bridges
Roger Burroughs
Alphonso Cambric
Kate (Cambron) Baum
Jason Chapman
Lucia (Chong) Schweitzer
Melissa Clayton Hart
Kathryn Connor McCrary
Carrie Cross
Sevag Daghlarian
Tony Daviero
Angela DeGroat
Julie (Dinh) Deily
Pamela Douglas
Sean Epley
Joel Feldman
Jill Frazee Malino
Tania Garbe
Nicole Gill Duncan
Erin Goff McCaulley
Ricky Gomulka
Jennifer Gray Anderson
Kimberly Grimes
Cady (Hall) Brewer
Ryan Hall McCormack
Monica Hickey
Angel T Hidalgo
Anjali Hirani
Kristine Hoeksema
Cara Karunaratne Jones
Christian King
Nick Krauss
Kevin Langford
Jill Lawton Heavrin
Jenny Lepak
John Lepak
Jacquelyn London
David Matheney
Amit K Mathur
Joanna Mattox Randolph
Shane McClintick
Justin McDougall
Katie (McNamara) Harkins
Sarah Meadors Wildeman
Radha Mehta Castro
George Mella
Adrianne Mellen Ramstack
Tayman Barnett Menke
Ryan Morgan
Heather Morris
Tracy Bruce
Joslyn O’Connor Bear
John O’Donnell
Serena Tibbitt
Olivia Puyana
Nikki Reitz
Rahim Remtulla
Jacqueline Robertson
Marisa Green
Aisha Salem-Howey
Danny Sangster
Mandy Sayre
Shawna Scheuerman Traub
Amanda Schweitzer
James Stephens
Morgan Allen
Heather (Tate) Morris
Jessica Laureano
Martin Van Assche
Vicky (Van Gelder) Crust
Sandra T Beauford
Sky Weston
Blakely White

(list updated as of 9/30/18)

**We want to have the best party for everyone on Saturday night! We will have only a limited number of tickets at the door available so if you’re planning on coming, buy your tickets today!

Is there someone you want to see at the reunion? Make sure to reach out to them via email, text or even fb messenger! Let them know you want to see them at the reunion!

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